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Do Women make better Accountants

Aug 23, 2019

I remember my high school days like yesterday. One thing that always fascinated me, was the unofficial competition there was between me and one of the boys in my class. I did not challenge him at all, but for some reason he started comparing his marks with mine and celebrated exuberantly every time he beat my very mediocre marks. (I’ve made peace with the fact that I was a lazy teenager). I wasn’t competitive and I really did not care for A’s and B’s at school, but what I did care about, as many teenagers do, was my reputation and self-esteem. What really ticked me off, was that this boy did not work hard to beat me, he humiliated me so that he can look better.

This is not your typical ‘I’m so proud of myself, being a women, for achieving what I did’ women’s month newsletters. The status quo that I want to challenge this month is that during Women’s month, the media put men down to make women look good and women are enjoying the attention.

It is plain to see that many accounting firms, like my own company Ratio Accounting, have strong and very capable Women at the helm. In many cases they are the founders and owners of the business and this doesn’t surprise me at all. Women to me are obviously just as capable as their male counterparts and in many ways and in certain businesses, even more so. Does that mean that women are better accountants as men? Certainly not! We are just different.

Women should stop behaving like ‘victims’

One opinion I have and one that is not always seen to be politically correct, is that Women are not the victims they are often made out to be. If they feel like they are being treated as victims, they must either change their own attitude, or, if it is truly a discriminating situation, get out of the business circumstances they find themselves in or work hard to prove themselves without putting down men in the process.

Men and Women actually face many of the same challenges and everybody, whether male or female, have their own personal challenges to overcome. Why in fact is a Woman who has reached a certain ‘rank’ in her career even considered to be more successful than a man who reached the same ‘rank’? Isn’t that saying Women are inferior beings who have managed to achieve something special?

In this ‘women’s month’ instead of thinking of ourselves as victimised inferiors, Women everywhere need to simply celebrate the differences between Men and Women. Many industries use to be male dominated and some still are. Some industries are naturally inclined for women to be successful at and vice versa. Celebrate your own talents and develop your own weaknesses. I can assure you, men also have their own strengths and weaknesses, and some are even the same as those that women have. Examples may be insecurity, fear of failure, finding a job and providing for yourself or your family. We are more alike than you think.

Yes, I believe in equal opportunities. However, what the world is portraying at the moment is equal outcome. Outcome can only be determined by individuals themselves. Yes, more women choose to be home makes and full-time moms and that is maybe why less women are entrepreneurs and CEO’s than men, but that is the individual’s choice. An outcome cannot be forced, that is determined by individual choices and hard word. What should be equal is opportunities and I believe, especially in the accounting industry, that equal opportunity exist for both men and women.

All the Man and Woman in my business are treated with equal respect and ‘every Man for themselves’ means every Men and Women improving themselves in a company that works as a effective team to give our customers the best possible accounting service that we can.

Yes, Women do make great Accountants but if you contact us you’ll find a company that practices equality and respect, amongst ourselves and amongst our many satisfied and loyal customers without putting down any other participant in the industry.

Make your own choices, determine your own success. We cannot control the actions of other people, whether they are discriminating toward women, or whether we only perceive it to be so. What we can do is grasp the opportunities there are and be your own hero.